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  • Cover Sets for Spine Cover

    0.190.89 Excl. BTW

    The Spine Cover allows you to bind your documents with any paper, plastic transparent or leatherette Cover sets in portrait or landscape.

    Solid, fast and easy binding. Crimp the spine after binding to give it a perfect look.

  • Peel & Stick Pockets

    0.281.58 Excl. BTW

    Adding small handy details can create great added value to your finished product.

    Think penholders, business card pockets and a lot more. Going the extra mile always works to please your target audience. By adding these little details, you make people feel special and appreciated. Thumbs up! Way to go!

  • Pocket Folder Plus A4

    3.13 Excl. BTW

    The Pocket Folder Plus is a high quality cover made of a soft yet sturdy material. It is the perfect solution if you want to create customised, permanently bound presentations.

    Using the Thermal Binding Machines you can bind and crimp the spine for an optimal fit.

    Are you planning on going prospecting, arranging an important meeting or do you want a stylish way to present your documents? Alternative to the cardboard tender folders. On the front and back of the cover you can find pockets to add extra documents. Two cuts in the Pocket Folder Plus where you can insert your business card. Impress your customers and prospects with this new personalised presentation folder.